Kandy Riverine Country House

Feel The Warm Homeliness On A Hill

“The Kandy riverine country house” as it is called is one of the many home stays that have sprung up in and around Kandy. Home stay is similar to your bed and breakfast guest house yet different to hotels, in that it typically offers its guests the feeling of being at home even while they are on holiday.

“We ensure that our guest feel at home”




There are wooden chairs on the veranda reminiscent of any Sri Lankan home, walking in to the house itself, the four spacious rooms, family photographs, many books of Sri Lankan history/history of Kandy invoke warmth and comfort. Wooden tats in place of window’s make them all the more inviting and homely. The elegant view of the Mahaweli River which gives you a calm and relax feeling where you only get @ “Kandy Riverine Country House”.


Sea Plane dock

Just 50 meters to “Sea Plane dock” and 300 meters to Polgolla dam

Also can get a beautiful view of the “Sea Plane” take off from the garden and open veranda

It still reflects the elegance and uniqueness of the by-gone days of colonial Kandy, while staying cheerful a perfect combination for a holiday in “Home away from home”


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